How to get here?

Kunduz Kamp tabela

Public Transport

Antalya Airport -> Central Bus Station

In order to come to Olympos from Antalya Airport, you first need to go to the Central Bus Station. You can go Bus Station by bus number 600, tram or shuttles named Havaş.

Bus Station -> Olympos Turn

From bus station get on the minibus with a sign Kumluca or Kaş. It takes 1,5 hour. Get off the minibus at Olympos turn.

Olympos Turn -> Kunduz Kamp

From Olympos turn, get on a shuttle minibus going down to valley. It takes 15 minutes. Get off the shuttle when you see Kunduz Kamp signboard on the left. Walk 100 meters from the forest road and you will be here.

With your own vehicle

From Antalya

The distance between Antalya and Olympos is 83 km and it takes an average of 1.5 hours. After Kemer, after 30 km towards Kumluca, turn left at the Olympos sign and descend towards the valley. When Kunduz you see Kunduz Kamp signboard on the left enter the forest road. Proceed for 100 meters. Welcome!

Or just search Kunduz Kamp in a map application and follow the directions 🙂